2010 Janua0y, 16 at 8:54 pm
Today I worked legs. It may have been a mistake because I was still a bit sore from Saturday’s sumo deadlifts, and I did yoga last night which only highlighted how inflexible I have become since reducing my yoga practice. To top things off, I rushed up to the squat rack before other guys started filtering into the gym, without warming up, and that certainly hurt my flexibility this morning. So I tried warming up with some quick squats before going into my workout this morning. . I did squats with a double pump the bottom for the very first time. Really enjoyed it, feel like it was pushing me to focus on engaging my core. I also did hack lunches, and I’m realizing that I am not completely stable in my front foot and have to really focus on planting my front facing foot to ensure that I am not risking injury. I ended today’s exercises with machine squats with super slow negs going ultradeep to round out the burn. . This week I seem to be doing a lot of business related activity for the kickstarter and have not had a chance to do much sewing. I am looking at bringing on some partners to the business and also partnering with an outside contractor to possibly help run the kick starter. . I’m looking to get back to sewing in the next couple days and get the pants out the door. I also need to get these samples ready for testing in February!
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@buildingbody2buildmind Thanks Tommy 👍
@vcfitness_ Thanks Vyncent, I'm already sore tonight from this morning's workout 😜😁
Awesome work bro! Smashing leg day 👍🏽
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