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A recent report by World Tourism Organization (@unwto ) suggests that #Spain has beaten U.S.A. to be the second-most travelled-to country in 2017, with France retaining the top spot. It’s not surprising when the country is home to futuristic structures like Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (@museoguggenheim ), which incidentally turned 20 in October 2017. The ‘Guggenheim effect’—an expression of how art and culture can boost the economy of a region—was coined after the museum put the de facto capital of Basque Country on the tourist map. Designed by American architect Frank Gehry in his signature style—curves, waves and fluidity being the key words— the museum has welcomed 18 million+ visitors since its inception. For those travelling to Spain in 2018, add #Bilbao to the list. Photo by Biris Paul Silviu / Contributor/Getty Images.
Location Bilbao, Spain
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One of the most beautiful modern buildings in the world!! Frank Gehry lives..!!
Wow, simply majestic...Greetings from Iran🌷🌸
@anuja_sonawane - see we contributed in making this happened 😉😉
Magnificent @travelblogo