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The final season of @gameofthrones won’t air until 2019, but till then #Finland is offering the next best thing. This year’s #SnowVillage, built annually beyond the Arctic Circle in Lapland, is a simulation of the fantasy world from George R.R. Martin’s epic saga. The hotel, complete with a Braavosi Hall of Faces, an Ice Throne guarded by an Ice Mountain and a dragon-shaped snow slide, was made with @hbonordic's collaboration. It is open to visitors daily until April 8. #WinterIsHere Photo by ©Park Dale / Alamy.
Location SnowVillage
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Wow, simply majestic...Greetings from Iran🌼🌸
@amrita.karnik do visit!
This is impressive!
@saket65 too bad it's closing soon
I express my respect to you. With me you can see a different places trough my camera lens, so come and join me by watching my nocomment videos.
Wow 😍
Wow ❤️