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13.06.2018 - 5 days ago
Paris is strange, there’s barely a park that allows dogs, but it’s no problem having your little yard cow in a café... - Compared to Canada and the US, Europe is so incredibly dog friendly. Notably (out of the countries I’ve visited so far), Croatia, England, Scotland, Slovenia, ranked the highest for me. But even Portugal and Ireland, countries that have only recently made strides toward dog friendliness (like letting shop owners decide wether dogs can come inside), beat home hands down. It’s gonna be hard to go back. - The idea that a dog is not allowed on even most patios back home is a cruel joke. If you know of organizations or businesses or folks who are working to making the world a friendlier place for our friends who happen to be dogs, on your travels or in your hometown, please comment!
Location Paris, France
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Russia is not dog friendly but it depends on a size of a dog ))) As we say here we have strict rules but we don't obey them so it's still ok to live here;) Dogs should be on leash and in muzzle all the time in the city (in countryside they could be free), but small dogs don't have to be in muzzle. In real life I see dogs on leash, but not all dogs. And no muzzle, people just don't use them. You can use public transport with dog (including underground in Moscow). Dogs are not allowed in shops and restaurants, but
...but I often see toy dogs there. There is no special law for small dogs, it's just tradition - people don't think that small dog is an actual dog, it's more like a toy for then so they usually turn the blind eye on them in shops )) and it depends on stuff who works there - one person will allow your dog, the other can not. I often take my toy poodle with me, restaurants are ok with him. But there is no place for bigger dogs ((
That little tongue sliver!
Minneapolis is super dog friendly!! There are a variety of restaurant that even have doggo food menus! Of course our parks are incredible too. Perhaps Momo needs to visit 😉🐾
Hello there. You’re right about Paris. Parisian for ages with 3 dogs (Corgi and Daschund) I had to cope with lot a agressivity in Paris. Moved to a part time seaside home 3 yrs ago. In Paris to have a decent walk with your amazinglivelyheartbreaking dog can I suggest : bois de Boulogne 👍🏼 (no leash required, river, 3 lakes, wood zone with sandy ways) parc des buttes chaumont and parc montsouris (leash required). Have a nice stay. 😃
@whatt0d0 @andrewknapp Bois de Vincennes is also nice as dogs can swim in a little river along the road. You have an access by rue des vignerons.
Bring Momo out to Versailles!! Lots of places out here that are gorgeous and dog friendly 😊
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How friendly are the dogs in other countries compared to the US? Wonder if because dogs are out often everyone interacts smoothly. We always promote dog socialization, manners, and everyone having their space as well as an awareness of service dogs and just letting them do their work peacefully.
i need to move to europe 💙