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11.06.2018 - 6 days ago
Brighten up your day with these colorful scoops 🍨. πŸ“·: @wrightkitchen
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@jr_thomp 😍
Scoops! You did it again.
Greetings good afternoon. My name is Juan Carlos RodrΓ­guez. At the moment I am doing a project of advertising and visual development in the areas of Art, Architecture and Technology, in order to advance in specialties in several countries in Europe, Asia and America; using tools such as social media (instagram) to increase the ranking of spectators or viewers, bringing trends and / or contemporary avant-garde, modern and postmodern to bring the imaginative semiotics of these times. Our prices are the most competitive due to our initiation in the use of these tools. Of course already approved with high impact specialists. Good night. Information to the mail. Fraternal greetings
I was about to ask if @garethpon did this? I got my answer
@shreshthaawasthi I want to be here πŸ˜πŸ˜‚