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05.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
Tesla has now installed over 1 gigawatt-hour of energy storage across the globe. How much is 1 GWh?
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@sumedh.singh AAA battery 1.87 watt-hours of energy. 1 GWh / 1.87 wh = 535,000,000 AAA batteries. Average phone battery ~4.5 watt. 1 GWh / 4.5 wh= 222 million phones
@sumedh.singh he’s Elon musk duhhh
@sumedh.singh hahahahahahahahah finally!!!!
That’s great!
@teslamotors @spacex So can you guys soon go after breakthrough starshot?
to make one battery you need to spoil a huge amount of water ... and water is more expensive than all this sh*t
Let’s go!!!🙂
@nav_gto give it to the creepy meth labs. Lol