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04.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
“I felt humiliated and suicidal in college. It seemed like my personal failings were on display for everyone to see. I’m not all that attractive. I have a speech impediment. I’m not good socially. I saw other guys having romantic success and I felt a lot of envy. I concluded that women owed me something. They owed me a chance. And I was angry they weren’t giving it to me. I’m ashamed of it now, but during that time I formed a lot of bad and hateful opinions. I joined ‘incel’ communities on 4chan and Reddit. I found a lot of men there who felt just like me. The community provided this pseudoscientific justification for hating women. It let us feel like it wasn’t our fault. We stoked each other’s anger. And it felt good. Honestly, anger is just very addictive. You want to feel angry when you’re suffering. It gives you adrenaline. It gets your endorphins going. It’s a release. It’s a substitute for what you’re missing.”
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You've gotta respect someone who can speak on their twisted thinking and reflect on it enough to change. That's more then most people can say for themselves.
@ayseylenur Completely get your point. That was my first instinct, but you also have to see it from his point of view. He worked at it. He had a major weakness and found channels that prey on that, but he worked through it and hoping he still is. How would you like to be judged solely on your wrong doings or weakness? Might also be a mental issue attached to it.
@istankenya im sorry i couldnt be positive about this issue because many woman were killed all around the world because of this toxic masculinity... Of course i hope him to be decent about woman and i appreciate his effort but i couldnt ignore woman who were killed because of reasons like this...
@bossalli_ne damn this is deep.
@ayseylenur I completely get it.
wait so there are communities on reddit that talk about hating women being scientific ..
@_hattea @marco.zancan
@golden.thorn ok