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25.05.2018 - 3 weeks ago
This is Emily and Eleanor, shot on medium format. They’re absolutely lovely. I released a video about @emilyblincoe and her sweet Eleanor for Catalyst Dogs, a project about the dogs that have changed our lives. Check the link in my profile to watch the short film about Emily’s transition from one dog to another, and what she learned along the way. #catalystdogs
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Loved Emily and Eleanor’s story!
Love her and Eleanor!
Hey, I may be going mad, but I swear I saw you guys yesterday in a Daunts bookstore, near Notting hill?
I’m both excited and apprehensive to get a next dog after losing my first and completely adored pup last summer to cancer at age 5. This beautiful story renews my spirit to find my way to my next but different best friend. Thank you ❤️
Love love love this!!!
@a.lesia.v that was us :)
@andrewknapp oh woah! I recognised the bandana. ;)
I love car rides!
What a beautiful project to be a part of! Thank you for sharing your story with us @emilyblincoe and @andrewknapp for delivering it to us.
@andrewknapp I moved back to Canada after many years in London. Daunt books is one of the places I miss most, glad you visited! I can recommend the one on Marylebone high street.