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23.05.2018 - 3 weeks ago
TLDR: Some days I feel like absolute rubbish, what do you do to overcome your rubbish-days? There’s at least two of me. A day or two out of every week or two, I’m either really low, or really high. I’m either dragging my feet through an unbearable low, or riding a magic carpet through rainbow clouds. This is normal for me ever since I can remember. Only recently I’ve been able to recognize how impactful it has been on my life. It might be the reason I travel so much, because I know that while I’m sitting still, the lows hit me a lot more often, and a lot harder. Meet high-me: Inspired, full of ideas, and ready to execute them. I can strike up a conversation with anyone and feel confident enough to do just about anything. This is the guy who stumbles onto trips and slides comfortably out of his comfort zone. He’s also the guy who takes all my best photos. Meet low-me: My feet drag behind me, I can’t look people in the eyes, and I’m filled with self-pity. I usually can’t even take a photo, I can feel defeated from dusk till dawn. If something goes wrong on these days, it takes everything in me to not have a drink which makes it 1000x worse. If I’ve met you on this day, I’m sorry if I was a dick.
 I believe this imbalance stems from being medicated for the pretty severe asthma I had when I was young, and probably from being bullied in school, and probably some intrinsic internal chemistry. We’re complex machines. I know I’m not alone in this. I’m curious about your methods. What do you do on your low days? What are your tools? What are your active steps you take on cloudy days and actually follow through with?
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i just try to be kind to myself on these days and mentally make a list of what i’m grateful for and i try to actively think of others who have it so much worse (when i’m feeling self pity) - if that doesn’t work i binge watch netflix and snuggle with a dog or two. animals seem to make my world feel much less of the lows. also, i noticed a huge difference in my mental rollercoaster when i stopped drinking dairy....all i can think is its the hormones in the milk that were throwing off my body 🤷🏻‍♀️ anyway thanks for your post - it’s nice to relate to others
❤️ so much love for this post, I walk, hike get outside, spend some extra time with Carter, talk with my family and supports and drink tea (a lot of tea) sometimes I need all of this to feel better sometimes I need only one or two of these things. I find I get low after not having enough time to myself and recharge and so I need time to sit outside and just be me for a little while. With the lows comes those highs, it's the imbalanced balance we have come to know and try and understand.
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💔❤️💔❤️ you’re not alone. Thank you for sharing. When I feel I can’t keep going, I sit still. That way I know I don’t have to try to ‘move on’ in sadness, but also won’t fall backwards. Then music, then acknowledge the moment is necessary to appreciate the goodness (w a lil prayer to surrender this moment), then scroll through photos of good times (mostly of my kids). Having your pet lick your face helps, too, and vice versa. I also have a bc bff, named Taj. And believe it or not, scrolling through #findmomo is also a new favorite ❤️
I'm bipolar. To me this description sounds familiar. A day or two out of every week or two of extremes one way or the other is considered rapid mood changes. If you would like things to be different in that way, know that they can be. Help is available and I'm here to say it does work! I am more creative on medication than ever before and I am so much more my true self. I resisted medication for so long because I didn't believe it would help and i didnt believe i would be so "me." Meanwhile things just got worse for me, until I had to get help. If you want a steady state of feeling alright and being able to be creative and social enough, then I'd say at least look into it. I am here to answer any other questions you have if you desire!
To remember: without sadness/ lowdays we would not know happiness.... life is both. We need to know how sadness feels in order to really apreciate the good days and happiness. 😢 + 🤣 = life
Hey, I might be going crazy but I swear I saw you guys earlier today in a Daunt bookstore?
Thank you 💛
I sleep over it. Sometimes all you need is a new beginning, a new day.