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15.05.2018 - 1 monts ago
Back on the road with endless thanks to @landroveraus. We are currently waiting to hear from Ru’s surgeons with the date of her upcoming Peg placement (G tube) so thought we should make the most of exploring for a few days together before another Hospital stint, Ru’s recovery and our next big learning curve. She might not grow quickly in size, but with every little adventure she suddenly grows so much older and wiser. 💘
Location Wolgan Valley
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@rrwiggins I follow this gorgeous Mamma, you may like to as well as her bubba also having a peg soon xxxx
Adorable. You’re doing such a great job mama xx
So sweet 💕
Absolutely beautiful 💥
@thelilyflower_ thank you!!
Вы чудесные. Девочка - маленькое солнышко. Я думаю о вас и прошу, чтобы у вас все было хорошо. ❤️
I love Ru
@rrwiggins 😘😘😘
Lovely. 😊❤❤