17.03.2018 - 2 monts ago
Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand . If you leave the carpark when everybody is on their way back from this spot you know it's going to pretty quiet up the top here at sunset. I had planned to shoot sunset and then astro before shooting sunrise in the morning. It got cold..I got bored..and I was back at my car by 1am. I don't mind going off on photo missions by myself but I really need to work on my patience game #notpatient How do you other lone rangers deal with the down time? I thought of one thing to do up there by myself..skim rocks on the lakes. Every single rock is a giant cube up there, bring your own if you plan on skimming for hours on end before the Milky Way appears. #nzmustdo #newzealandvacations #newzealandfinds #love_new_zealand #destinationnz #capturenz #ig_newzealand #love_new_zealand #purenewzealand #newzealandguide #travelnz #newzealandpics #outandaboutnz #explorenz #kiwiexperience #newzealand #newzealandnatural #wanderlustofnz #visitnewzealand #Travelnewzealand #awesome_photographers #moodrepulik #moodygram #moodygrams #openmyworld #optoutside #ouramazingearth #outdoortones
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Listening to podcasts might help
@piteshmistry it’s the sitting still I don’t deal well with. I’d need to listen to podcasts and be doing something else too
@nick_crarer how about dancing? 😂
I can never stop shooting, finding composition, searching for new subjects, making some experimentations... The time just fly!
Oh I hear you! Solo missions are great, until it’s cold, and you’re bored, and you’re tired... also working on the patience thing!
Hi Nick, did you take this recently. Will be doing the walk in early April. See there is some snow in your shot. Maybe some music 🎶 would give your some peace and patience
Love it Nick. I tend to try and sleep when it's night, passes the time pretty well for me😅
@lucstadnik I wish I had your energy! I usually have an idea in my head and focus on that until I get the shot. Maybe I need to try shooting more in these situations. boredom is never too far away when I’m lone wolfing it haha. I need a method to keep me entertained. Having friends must be great 😂