08.02.2018 - 3 monts ago
@fujifilmnz FujiFilm X-T2 and 50-140mm lens .. I bought a new FujiFilm camera recently but because of my back I haven't been able to get out much at all. .. I've been limited to activities inside my apartment like photographing the Great Ant Stampede of 2018. I'd been stumbling across the odd ant 🐜 here and there over the last few weeks. By "odd" I don't mean it had three legs and a speech impedim-ant. I would find one or two marching along the carpet every now and then. I was not intimidated by this. They would be in the lounge or on my pillow in the bedroom but never in the kitchen. When I woke one morning late January it became apparent that this was all just ant tactics and those odd ants were the explorer ants, gaining intel, like journalists. You don't squash journalists that's why they survive, mostly, in war-torn countries. As did the ants of apartment 4, my apartment. They survived because I thought they were lost, I felt sorry for them. Well that morning, the sneaky bastards lead a rampant army 10,000 strong right into the kitchen and seized my bread, my left over Thai green curry and a family sized block of mint chocolate. I shouldn't have ignored the whispers of warning in my ear the previous night but I didn't was the inform-ant🤭🤪 #ohdear #badpun #didyouseethatonecoming ? #clairvoy -ant #stopmenow #taranaki #newzealand #nzimagery #awesome_photographers #beautifulworld #mountaintop #ig_shotz #ig_bestever
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Awesome shot man
Omg nick your captions 🤣
@jamesborsjenz cheers mate
@hnimages they’re getting worse aye 😃 too many Dad jokes
The shot is beautiful. Sorry for your pain. I can’t imagine what being stuck inside does to a photographer and traveler. Being inside mostly for many years is the reason I enjoy pics of the world around me. My hope is that you recovery goes quickly and well so you can get back out there doing what you love.
@chattakim thanks Kim, I appreciate that. I hope you don’t suffer from out of control ant stampedes any time soon. I’ll be fine in a couple of months I reckon, perfect timing for Autumn 🙂
@nick_crarer -Me too. Not an ant fan, unless I’m talking Marvel.
💗😄😄... Those tricksters... I completely understand.. I had them storm the kitchen myself, but they cam from the ceiling in one of my bathrooms to do it, hahaha
the artful 🐜 ics of ants
Your captions are always a highlight, but having just lost a box of cereal and a jar of honey to an ant invasion, I can completely empathize with this one. I do hope your back is on the mend soon!